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Here is a short overview on what we do, and our company.

We are refiners and cash buyers of all precious metals (Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Iridium), and some rare earth metals (Tantalum, etc).

We primarily do business in the great state of Oklahoma. We have a precious metals buying event in most of the larger cities in Oklahoma on a rotating basis. We also visit some of the 'northern' cities in Texas.

  • Oklahoma: Tulsa, OKC, Lawton, Sayre, Fort Smith
  • Texas: Gainsville, Sherman, Fort Worth, Dallas
  • Precious metals are commonly found in some of these materials such as:

    Commercial & Industrial Materials Containing Precious Metals. For Example:

    How Much is My Gold Worth?

    Why do most jewelers and pawn shops pay so little??

    Most pawn and jewelery shops pay as little as 10% (most average 25%) of the actual metal value of your item. The gold that is contained in your piece of jewelery is un-usable for the manufacture of new jewelry. A jeweler must send your item (say a 14kt ring) to a refiner (who charges a hefty fee to process old jewelry into pure gold. Bison Refining actually refines your old gold into pure 99.99% gold! This allows us to pay up to 90% of the value of gold bullion & up to 80% of the refined value for platinum jewelry. We started refining gold and platinum starting in 1984. This gives us plenty of industry experience, tons of relationships, this means we can afford to pay top dollar for your old jewelry!.

    Part of our success is that we follow the same basic steps regardless if you are indvidual or a manufacturing jeweler. First we will test your item (causing no damage to it), this will tell us the approximate percentage of precius metal contained within your item. This will allow us to tell you what our "base" price will be. If you agree then we will write up a refining ticket where we guarantee we will pay at minium the base price. We then melt the item in front of you and then re-test it. This will typically increase what we can to you. In addition this protects us in that there is a lot of fake mis-stamped jewelry some of which can fool the standard test, and it allows us to immediately process the metal into a pure form. The amount of cash we pay out is based on the current market price for that metal (gold, silver, etc).

    We are sure that you will be very happy with what we pay out and would much prefer that you visit our competitors before seeing us. Typically we pay 2 or 3 times what they are offering!

    Below are some examples of common items that we buy. You will see what that item weighs (in grams), what karat it is, and the amount of actual gold contained. Then the cash price on what we pay.

    Here is a working example.

    Let us use a high school class ring. In our first step we will weigh the ring, then visually examine the ring. It weighs 36 grams, and we notice that it is stamped 12Kt. The stone which was mounted in the bezel has long ago fallen out. This is important because most of the stones mounted in a class ring are worth a tiny fraction of the value of the gold. We will then perform a couple non-damaging test on the ring and these test tentatively indicate that the ring is indeed 12kt. A item of jewelry that is stamped 12kt will consist of 50% gold and the other half consisting of usually silver and copper. Since this ring weighs 36 grams then it means that half of this would be 18 grams of gold. Now let us assume that the daily price of gold is $1,800 per ounce. Since we are working with precious metals we will be working with a 'troy ounce', and there are 31.1 grams in one troy ounce. Now we need to do some simple math. The price of gold is $1,800, and we need to get the price of gold for one gram. We will then divide $1,800 by 31.1 giving us a price of $57.88 per gram. The next step is easy we take the amount of gold in the ring which we previously determined to be 18 grams and multiply it by $58.88 giving us a total gold value of $1,041. Now remember that this is the price for pure gold ready to use gold that a manufacturing jeweler could use. The ring must be processed costing money and time. We would then make a offer to buy it at a base price, if you wanted more then we would complete a refining ticket. We would then melt the ring, re-test it and assuming the 2nd test indicates 12kt will then typically offer to buy it for a cash price of $937! Contrast this to a pawn shop offering approximately $200.

    How we do business, and meet each other.

    We are located in central region of Oklahoma. We can meet with you either by appointment or at our booth at a public event (fair, car show, etc). It is a easy matter to meet each other. Typically we rotate our weekend circuit schedule so that we are in OKC, Tulsa, Lawton, Sayre and Fort Smith then back to OKC. We occasionally will do jewelry buying shows in the surrounding states. If we are in your town and you wish to meet by appointment we can meet each other at a public place. Typically this will be at a fast food restaurant. If you have a lot of jewelry or are nervous about meeting us at a restaurant you may come to our plant (basically in the OKC area). For security reasons we will need to verify your identity. Once this is done we will be happy to meet with you.

    Please give us a call for more information on our schedule, or to make a appointment our phone is 405-901-.... You can also email us (to slow down the spam we get please remove any non-alphanumeric characters[except @ or .]), at 's3a5les67@9b#i5son^pmr.2c6om' example: 3n$o5t6va8l~id@6yah4oo.c*om becomes notvalid@yahoo.com